The Vigles of Chios, cylindrical medieval stone watch towers can be found on seashores, capes and hills. They were constructed by the Genoese to strengthen the defense system and the organization of the island during the Middle Ages. In this way they could control the coast from pirates and attacks and warn one another through fire at night and smoke signals in the daytime. The news spread quickly among nearby watch towers and then  the villages were informed. This process resulted in having the residents organized in order to protect and defend themselves and the valuable product of mastiha of course which had always been the reason of the attacks. The message reached the castle of Chios in the end.

Vigles are 12 meters in height and 2/3 consisted of land and stone. At the highest point there was a place where the Viglatoras who was the tower's guard lived. There were battlements and turrets 11 meters above the ground. Without windows or doors on Vigles for their best fortification, the guard climbed up a rope. Vigles also had katachystres where in case of conquest the Viglatoras threw boiling oil and pitch from.